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The Research Triangle Region

This page is meant to be a starting point for anyone contemplating a move to the area.

For us, Durham is at the heart of our market but that is just one part of the region known as the Research Triangle. Each of the parts has its own charms and are distinct communities in many ways. However, by overlapping and complementing each other the whole is truly more than the sum of the parts.

The “triangle” in Research Triangle originally referred to the three primary cities and their three major research universities; NC State in Raleigh, Duke in Durham and the University of North Carolina’s flagship campus in Chapel Hill. Duke and UNC both have prominent medical centers and teaching hospitals. NC State is a land grant school that has always had a focus on agriculture and industry. It also has an important Veterinary school that is proud of the contribution its research makes to human medicine.

Research Triangle Park grew out of undeveloped farmland between Durham and Raleigh. Physically most of it is in Durham County. It was created as a bold economic development gamble to draw companies to the area with the talent and other resources of the universities as the primary draw. It took several decades to mature but it is unquestionably a roaring success and now one of the primary economic engines and employment centers of the state and the Southeast.

The RTP region can include more than a dozen counties depending on who’s counting but the three major ones are Wake, Durham and Orange.  An often noted benefit of the area is that it is an easy drive on good roads to a number of places in less than three hours. This includes the beaches to the east, the mountains to the west, Charlotte to the south and Richmond to the north.

Use the links below to explore each of these sides of the Triangle further. Since Durham is the heart of Springtree Territory, we save the best for last and include more about what makes it such a special place.


Durham County

Durham is the home of Duke University, North Carolina Central University, The Research Triangle Park and the Durham Bulls and the Durham Performing Arts Center in a revived Downtown. Click on the image for more information about Durham.

Orange County

Orange County’s principal city is Chapel Hill the home of the University of North Carolina’s flagship university. The county seat in in another quaint community, Hillsborough.  For more click the image which is Franklin Street from the Top-of-Hill Restaurant.

Wake County

Wake County is the location of the State Capital in Raleigh and North Carolina State University. Wake also includes Cary and many smaller communities and rural areas. Click for more information.